Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency with Bitcoin ATMs

We’ve set out to bring cryptocurrency transactions to new heights through self-service. No matter the market you’re in, a bitcoin ATM can attract new customers without adding responsibility to your staff. Increase foot traffic to retail locations through our versatile kiosks that are secure, highly serviceable, and provide superior user experience.

Company Overview

American Kiosk is the sister company of American Locker and a subsidiary of Cole Kepro International. We are committed to providing the highest quality products, services, and experiences for your company’s needs. American Kiosk is 100% supportive of all opportunities for innovation in the industries we are proud to represent. Our state-of-the-art kiosks are utilized in industries as diverse as gaming, hospitality, customer service, information services, retail and government.  Our products are Made in the USA.

"We saw a lot of alternative ATM operators looking for a reliable, knowledgeable manufacturer to work with. In order to meet that need, it’s important to meet our customers where they’re at. Being based in the US allows us the freedom to create strong partnerships in the industry that are successful for all."

Eric Nebola, President of American Kiosks