The user interface is presented on a 21.5” zero bezel Projective Capacitive touchscreen, providing brilliant resolution and precision touch capability. Optional programmable LED lighting highlights components in the user flow and adds visibility and curb appeal to the platform.

Inside, the Windfall can house a wide variety of payment, computing, printing, identification, and WiFi components. The configurability makes this an ideal choice for payment, ticketing, loyalty, and more. The single hinge door provides easy access for quick service and maintenance. Reliable and tested components are seamlessly integrated and placed for optimal serviceability.

All artwork, paint, and accent lighting can be tailored for the greatest consumer impact and corporate brand reinforcement. ADA compliant screen placement provides self-service options to all your customers. Turnkey UL Certification services are expertly managed by KIOSK professionals ensuring optimal safety in the field.


  • 57.6” High,” 18.7 Wide, 23” Deep
  • Base Plate: 26” Wide, 23” Deep